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Hotel Puerta America

Spain, Madrid, 2005


Gluckman Mayner Architects (GMA) New York, NY


My Role: Project Architect under design principals and a project manager for the interior design of hotel rooms, suites, and common spaces in 14-story-building in Madrid from schematic design to construction document phase. Gluckman Mayner was invited to design twenty-eight standard rooms and two suites in this concept hotel, which features twelve floors, each by a different designer. The initial architectural concept derived from the capsule hotel notion of a "box within a box." This concept is used to organize the approach to the different kinds of activities that take place within the small space of the hotel room. Each room features "rich" materials -- such as luxurious fabrics in metallic tones -- juxtaposed with "poor" materials such as cement board. In addition, natural substances like mica-flecked cement, felted-wool, and Spanish granite are used alongside artificial ones like acrylic and recycled plastic.


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